Get lightning fast performance from your web apps

Speed is paramount for anything delivered over the web today. People don't have time to wait on a slow website to finish loading. Is your website stuck in 1996 on a 56K modem?

No matter if you have a simple blog on a static site or an ecommerce store with over 10,000 items or media-rich site with large images and videos you need performance and speed built into your web platform.

Putting your digital assets on the Edge

Cobalt Web Technolgies partners with Cloudflare and CDN (content delivery network) to provide the ultimate performance boost to your web apps. Your content is sped up with next-generation CDN, Edge Storage, and Optimization Services. By placing all of your digital assets from your website such as images, video, JavaScript files, CSS files, etc to the CDN edge they can be delivered much quicker. Lower latency means a faster webpage load on their visit.

From Anchorage to Zurich no matter where your website visitors are located they will reach the nearest PoP (point of presence) server to them to deliver a blazingly fast website experience.

Highly scalable solutions for when you grow

Growth is great and when that happens your platform needs to be able to handle that growth. Cobalt along with its partners has the services to deliver the scaled up growth requirements of your web app and its users. From the server your app is hosted on to the CDN that is used to deliver the content we can customize your needs to meet your traffic requirements.

Let Cobalt help you put your web app and its content on the Edge for lightning fast performance. Get in touch with us today.

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