Stop bad actors before they cause your website damage

The web today is full of malicious users and the majority of them are not even human. Are your web applications and sites protected and secure from outside attacks and abuse?

High level of security with performance in mind

Cobalt Web Technologies uses the latest in Web Application Firewalls and monitoring technology to stop bad bots, DDoS attacks, and suspcious payloads. We partner with Cloudflare who is a global leader in network security to provide powerful application security.

Your website and apps require always-on 24/7 protection and we provide that in any of our hosted solutions. Every app hosted with us is provided with:

  • WAF (web application firewall)
  • Bot Management
  • DDoS Protection
  • Page Shield
  • Advanced Rate Limiting
  • SSL / TLS Encryption

Find out Cobalt can help stop malicious actors on your web apps and protect your digital assets and customers from these threats.

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