Are marketing companies and agencies touting buzzwords of SEO optimization, conversions, rankings, and ROI? Sometimes these agencies have the right idea and certainly can sell you promises of being number one ranked in search results.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a process whereby the acquisition of website user traffic is gained by from web search engines. The goal is to improve rankings in search results. The higher your website is ranked in search results the more likely you acquire new customers.

SEO is certainly to your online digital marketing strategy especially if you are looking to attract new clients or customers. SEO all starts with the optimization part of your website.

How do you optimize your website for search engines?

Digital marketing agencies and other online agencies will sell you SEO as a standalone service. They rake in money without having done any work or understanding how search engines parse HTML from a website to generate search results. These agencies will sell a gimmick and promise of high search rankings and don't understand the basics of how the web works.

Cobalt Web Technologies builds websites and understands the principles of how the web works. We can build your new website from the ground up with SEO already implemented from the beginning. We can also evaluate your current website and make recommendations of how to increase your search rankings with an SEO strategy.

Is SEO a panacea for search rankings?

Let's get real here. SEO will not automatically place your website to #1 ranked on a search engine result. There are many variables involved here. Search rankings can't be cheated to the top even if a digital marketing agency touts that to the contrary. Google and other search companies don't disclose how their search algorithms work and this means we can't somehow magically make a website appear at the top of a search.

What is paid vs organic search?

Organic search is generated from users searching for your website, content, or product directly in the search engine. This is where SEO has the most effect along with popular your content is.

Of course, one method to increase your rankings is to implement a paid search campaign. Using a digital ad campaign you can target your audience directly through their search inputs, demographics, and so many other targeting methods. Cobalt can help you with both SEO and digital ad campaigns.

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Is SEO worth implementing?

Yes! Just because we don't know Google's or the other search engine's magic sauce does not mean you should not implement SEO in your website. It's all about getting your content and website visible to as many people as possible. It starts with knowing your audience and who you are targeting along with the content on your website.

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